A History of Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing is a combat sport that evolved from a combat art form originating in Thailand. The history of its development is ancient, with many practitioners believing its true roots lay in the early development of civilisation, when small tribes were growing and used fighting to protect themselves from the raids of other tribes. Its history is limited due to Burma’s invasion of Thailand in 1767 when Thailand’s ancient capital Ayuddhaya was ransacked and torched. Anthropologists have pieced together a fragmented history from Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese and early European writings.

For centuries the Thai’s waged wars internally and with neighbouring states until Phraya Taksin and Phraya Pichai took overall control of the Thai principalities and the basic structure of the country we now know today as Thailand took shape.

The oldest records of confirmed Muay Thai bouts come from 1590-1605 when it became part of the Military training regime. short muaythai It was practiced from a manual known as the Chupasart which covered armed and unarmed combat. From around 1703 it was worked into the national educational curriculum and become a pastime for the Thai people. Each village had fighters and regularly hosted prize-fights that would end in serious injury or death.

After the 1767 Burmese sacking of the Thai capital the Thai King, King Taskin, led a rebellion against the Burmese occupation which lasted for 15 years, defeating them and at the same time securing the future of the country. Throughout all of these conflicts, Muay Thai was used as a close range weapon when Thai soldiers either came too close to use their weapons or they were disarmed. The art led to many victories with many warriors earning their name in Thai history.

Modern day Thai fights are a developed form of early prize fighting. In the early 1920’s, fighters were still using glass covered bindings in fights, with bouts lasting until one fighter collapsed. In the early 1930’s the rules of international boxing were adapted and adopted into the sport, with weight divisions being introduced along with timed bouts and modern equipment.

Muay Thai, is now an international sport having spread from its roots in Thailand to Europe by the Dutch and to America where it has been incorporated into the modern MMA fighting Shows as a standard fighting approach. K1 is another variation that prohibits clinching during fights, freeing up the flow of attacks that can be executed.