DirectX 12: A Few Things You Need To Know About It

Since DirectX 12 is a new API, many people know very little about it. To help you out, here are a few things you need to know about it:

It’s not about new features

Although, the platform has a few new features, the features are not of great importance. The most important thing is the efficiency that the software brings.

The new DX brings about thinner abstraction layer between the OS and the hardware and as a game developer you are able to control how the code talks to the graphics hardware.

In addition to this the software brings about reduced overheads and the time that the threads take to complete is reduced by up to five times.

Qualcomm supports the DirectX 12

Qualcomm is Microsoft’s main hardware partner for Windows Phone 8 and according to the creators of DX 12, directx 12 download Qualcomm’s GPU is compatible with DirectX 12; therefore, you will be able to use the software in your mobile phone.

The software is a console API

According to the creators, DX 12 will run on Xbox One therefore, you will be able to use it in playing your favorite games. The execution environment has been described as “console-like” which means that the layers are much thinner.

You should note that although you can use the software to play your favorite games, you will be required to have new drivers. The good side is that you will need only lightweight drivers with less overhead compared to current graphics drivers.

Developers need to be more creative

Since DX 12 will run on many platforms such as mobile platforms, PCs, and consoles, this means that as a programmer you will be required to be creative and come up with an API that will be used across multiple platforms.

It’s not a guarantee that the software will work on your hardware

Although, there are chances that DirectX 11 capable GPUs will run DirectX 12, it’s not guaranteed. While this is the case, the software creators have shown that GPUs from Fermi generation (GTX 4xx) and beyond will be able to run DX12. The creators have also shown that Intel will be compatible with the software.

DX 12 will be available in Windows 10

If you are planning of buying a computer with the Windows 10 software, you don’t have to worry of downloading the API. This is because your computer will come already installed with the API.

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