Where to Find a Free Spell That Works to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Love and magic have a lot in common. They delight the heart. They enrich the soul. And, they both take practice. This being the case, does free spell work to get your ex girlfriend back? Many believe it does. And, according to believers, all it takes are the right words and candle magic. You see, candle magic is one of the simplest and oldest forms of magic. It is powerful, too. It can fix the broken, heal the wounded, and succeed where human effort fails. So if candle magic can bring your lost love back, how do you cast the spell?

Carve the name of your lost love onto a red candle. Do this lengthwise, with the use of a nail or a knife, but be sure to stop carving an inch from candle base. Then, sprinkle olive oil onto your candle and place it in its holder. Next, pluck seven thorns off a red rose. Stick these thorns into the letters of your lost love’s name. Thereafter, light your candle and picture your ex girlfriend going back to you. Focus on this thought and think of nothing else. Then, say this simple spell Ex back spell and repeat it three times:

“Powers of the universe
Bring my ex girlfriend back to me
This is my will
So mote it be.”

As your candle burns down each thorn, your ex will remember everything that’s lovable about you and as a result, will want to reconcile with you.

But what if you’ve cast the spell and your ex still hasn’t come running back? Does this mean magic doesn’t exist? Does free spell work to get your ex girlfriend back, or is it all a sham? No. A lost love spell should never force people to do anything against their will. If she doesn’t return to you, then don’t force the issue. Don’t give up your belief in magic, too. To quote the writer Thomas Dekker, “For all our science and sciences, this world remains a miracle; wonderful, inscrutable, magical, and more.” Love spells and cauldrons aside, there’s always a bit of magic in everything – even in failed relationships.

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